Myths about Malpractice

Lawsuits are not responsible for Rising Medical Malpractice Insurance Premiums

*   Medical malpractice expenditures comprise less than 1 percent of overall health care costs

*   Malpractice insurance costs comprise 3.9% of a physician's practice income

*   Reduced fees, not insurance rates, are the biggest financial burden on doctors

*   Few malpractice lawsuits are frivolous


The Insurance Cycle is the Real Cause of Medical Malpractice Premium Spikes

*   Medical liability premium spike was caused by the insurance cycle and mismanagement, not the legal system

*   Insurance companies and their lobbyists admit that caps on damages won't lower insurance premiums


Real Medical Malpractice Crisis is Inadequate Patient Safety

*   Patients need protection from an epidemic of medical errors and unsafe practices in medicine

*   Patient safety efforts do more than caps to reduce lawsuits and insurance premiums

*   Health care providers and legislatures should focus on patient safety reforms

*   Doctors with repeated malpractice payouts suffer few consequences


Malpractice Insurance Crisis in not Threatening Access to Patient Care

*   Congressional Watchdog Agency finds claims of malpractice insurance "crisis" unsubstantiated


Caps on damages are unjust and offer no solution to rising premiums caused by the insurance cycle

*   Caps on damages are unjust

*   California's lower malpractice insurance are due to insurance reform, not damage caps

*   Caps on malpractice awards do not improve access to primary care

*   Politicians should reject proposals that reduce accountability for negligence


Let the people know the truth and the country is safe.
Abraham Lincoln