People contacted

25 attorneys from Washington, DC, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Maryland, Georgia, and Ohio.


The following people received tabbed binders with the autopsy report, death certificate, multiple Duragesic warnings, and information about the Feres doctrine: 

President George W. Bush

General Peter Pace, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

United States Senator Coleman, Minnesota

United States Senator Klobuchar, Minnesota

Senator Bob Dole

Mr. Henry A. Waxman, Chairman, Committee on Oversight & Government Reform

Mr. John Kline, United States House of Representatives, Minnesota

Attorney General Swanson of Minnesota

Minnesota Board of Medical Practice

ABC News (Primetime, 20/20, Nightline)

CBS News (60 Minutes, 48 Hours, Up to the Minute, Byron Pitts)

NBC News (Nightly News, Dateline, Today Show)

FOX News (Vice President-News Distribution, Senior News Producer, Executive Producer-Political Coverage)

CNN News (Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, Anderson Cooper 360)

Department of Defense Criminal Investigative Service


Letters were sent and/or phone calls were made to the following: 

Mr. Glenn A. Fine, United States Inspector General

Mr. Michael W. Wynne, Secretary of the Air Force

Mr. Francis J. Harvey, Secretary of the Army

Ms. Mary L. Walker, General Counsel

Maj. Gen. Jack L. Rives, Judge Advocate General

Lt. Gen. (Dr.) James G. Roudebush, Surgeon General

United States Senator Hutchison, Texas

United States Senator Lincoln, Arkansas

Governor Pawlenty of Minnesota

Air Force Office of Special Investigations

Minnesota Senator Marty

Minnesota Senator Gerlach

Ms. Shelley Madore, Minnesota House of Representatives

Mr. Willem Scholten, World Health Organization  

Mr. Michael R. Cohen, President, Institute for Safe Medication Practices

Dr. James N. Thompson, President/CEO, Federation of State Medical Boards

Dr. Samantha Collier, Chief Medical Officer, HealthGrades

LA Times




Let the people know the truth and the country is safe.
Abraham Lincoln