Civilians Beware!

What you don't know about your medical providers might hurt you!
Dr. Robert Tibesar who is responsible for MSG Kinamon's death is currently an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota and practicing at Pediatric ENT Associates in the Children's Specialty Center at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Federal law requires civilian hospitals, insurance companies and HMOs to report all payments made on behalf of doctors in malpractice cases. The law doesn't hold the military to the same standard, and many military doctors aren't reported simply because they committed the malpractice while in the armed services.
Dayton Daily News
, October 9, 1997


"The military doesn't warn the public of doctors whose mistakes cause injuries and even death. More than 75 military medical facilities never reported a doctor for medical malpractice to a database created by Congress in 1990 to protect the public from problem doctors. Those same facilities were the targets of claims alleging more than 1,000 incidents of medical malpractice, several involving deaths."
Dayton Daily News
, October 5, 1997


Minnesota Board of Medical Practice

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